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I have known Maryanne for 5 years now. I first started working with her due to some severe skin allergies I developed around that time. I could not tolerate using any store bought or even professional products on my skin and I also had to completely stop wearing make-up. Maryanne's knowledge and expertise in natural skin care was a blessing for me! She created an all natural facial for me, using natural products she made herself. It was amazing how well my skin responded! I began regularly using the products she made. I can now say my skin is incredible! I get compliments about it all the time. I still can't wear make-up, but it doesn't matter because I don't need to. My skin is clear and has a natural healthy glow. I am so thankful to have met her and I highly recommend her as an esthetician!

Christina Labonte, Massage Therapist


Loved your studio, very cozy, so relaxing and the music is soothing; everything a body needs to restore and renew.

Mary Russo, Client

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