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5 Wilkins Drive

Plainville, MA 02762


Hello, My name is Maryanne Russo-Ramirez and I am the owner of Equilibrium Aesthetic Studio. I have

been a licensed aesthetician for over 10 years with additional training in herbal based ingredients for skincare/bodycare. I practice skin science from a Whole Body approach.


As a product formulator, I draw on this knowledge and experience to create products that can be used for

a variety of skin types, but also easily customized. I will work with you to create a skincare plan based solely

on your skins needs and not exclusively on a product sales driven theory.

I advocate for health and wellness for you and your skin, in a judgement free zone.


I have spent many years working with clients who have beautiful and unique skin tones and skin types, including those with different skin disorders that may have sensitivities to products. I believe in working

with a client to find what works for their skin using products that are derived from herbal extracts,

balancing oils, gentle active ingredients and nourishing clays in each treatment. There is no one answer for each person's skin type or condition. I will work with you to discover the fine details your skin needs. I also specialize in developing customized skincare products for clients, by request. Your skin is unique and

beautiful. I will treat you and your skin as that.


Your skin is a reflection of your over all well being.

You are unique, therefore your facial treatment and your products should and will be unique to your skin. Oh..and relax. The main part of all this is to breath and  relax, without worry. Enjoy!

Call to schedule an appointment with me today!

                                                               Hours By Appointment



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